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August 12th was Santa Clara's 20th Anniversary! This year we will be "Celebrating the past and empowering the future."
Thank You
To the Perot Museum in their partnership to Santa Clara Academy.
A BIG Thank You to Catholic Charities for
their donation.














The 2014-2015 FACTS Tuition Assistance Application has officially opened.
Please make sure you have completed your application online at before December 31.



"A Mystery at the Mall" - Knights Enrichment Lab

 4th and 5th grade GT students in Knights Enrichment Lab are conducting an enrichment activity consists if solving a mystery. The title of activity is "A Mystery at the Mall". This is just some of the great interactive learning that takes place at Santa Clara Catholic Academy.





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 2014-2015 Tuition

Tuition grades K-8   Registration   Parishioner   Non-Parishoner Tuition for PreKindergarten
1 Student  $250.00   $3,985.00   $4,635.00   $4,135 per child    
2 Students  $500.00   $7,720.00   $8,970.00   No Multi-Child Discount
3 Students $750.00   $11,255.00   $13,105.00        
4 Students  $1,000.00   $14,790.00   $17,240.00        
20th Anniversary

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