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August 12, 2014 was Santa Clara's 20th Anniversary! This year we will be "Celebrating the past and empowering the future."
Thank You:
Thank you to the Perot Museum in their partnership to Santa Clara Academy.
A BIG Thank You to Catholic Charities for
their donation.
Thank you to Highland Park Presbyterian Day School for their generous donation of classroom furniture and manipulatives to our school!  
A Big Thank you to those who got up and gave to Santa Clara on 
NorthTexas Giving Day













The 2014-2015 FACTS Tuition Assistance Application has officially opened.
Please make sure you have completed your application online at before December 31.






 FACTS Registration


 2014-2015 Tuition

Tuition grades K-8   Registration   Parishioner   Non-Parishoner Tuition for PreKindergarten
1 Student  $250.00   $3,985.00   $4,635.00   $4,135 per child    
2 Students  $500.00   $7,720.00   $8,970.00   No Multi-Child Discount
3 Students $750.00   $11,255.00   $13,105.00        
4 Students  $1,000.00   $14,790.00   $17,240.00        
Show KNIGHTS behavior!
Start off the school year on the right foot by remembering the school rules. Keep God FirstNurture a Positive AttitudeIdentify...